19 August 2006

lindsay is not welcome

A Lindsay no la quieren en ningún lado!

La chica es tan desastre que nadie quiere que le vean cerca de ella, el último ha sido Justin Timberlake que en un concierto suyo dijo que no la dejaran pasar a la sala VIP donde se celebraba una fiesta privada! Y Paris si que pudo pasar!

La verdad esque Linds tiene que recapacitar, no puede seguir asi!


Lindsay is not welcome anywhere!

She's such a mess that noone wants to be seen close to her, the last one has been Justin Timberlake and in his concert he banned her from entering to the VIP zone where a private party was celebrated! And Paris could enter!

Really Linds has to make up her mind, she can't go on like this!

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