23 November 2006

we love paparazzi session#4

He comprobado que la gente lee a ver quien pone el del comentario anterior para adivinar quien sale pues muy mal! y no cuenta si en un comment me ponen tres nombres.

Ayer era fácil ese bolso amarillo Balenciaga era una pista total! Nicole Richie!
La acertaron: /migii2 /incubus_rules /divaguee /humanlikeyou /h_e_l_en /salakorty /pincushionqueen /charlitita /valematti_83

Adivinen otra vez!


I've seen that people read the previous comment to know who is the famous girl hiding that's wrong! and it doesn't count if in a comment you post three different names.

Yesterday it was very easy, that yellow Balenciaga bag was the clue! Nicole Richie!
Winners: /migii2 /incubus_rules /divaguee /humanlikeyou /h_e_l_en /salakorty /pincushionqueen /charlitita /valematti_83

Guess today!

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