23 May 2007

mischa is a class act

Mischa fumándose un porro en el yate del diseñador Roberto Cavalli durante su estancia en el festival de Cannes.

Aqui hay dos cosas que no me cuadran: "porro" con "Roberto Cavalli" y "Cannes".
Si Mischa se quiere fumar un porro pues que lo haga, ya se la ha visto antes hacerlo, pero que no lo haga cuando acude a un festival tan prestigioso como el de Cannes y en el yate de Roberto Cavalli.

Simplemente porque el festival es bien conocido por su clase y fama y eso no pega.

Hay que enseñarle modales a Mischa o esque no se puede aguantar?


Mischa smoking a joint at designer Roberto Cavalli's yacht during her stay in the Cannes film festival.

Here are two things that are not right: "joint" with "Roberto Cavalli" and "Cannes".
If Mischa wants to smoke a joint she's free to do it, she has been seen her before doing it but don't do it at such an important film festival and in the yacht of Roberto Cavalli.

Simply because this festival is well-known for its class and fame and that doesn't match.

Does she nees to get some behaviour lessons or she just can't help it?

[Quedan 13 dias / Only 13 days left]

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