05 June 2007

britney has got cellulite but not that much

Han salido unas fotos de Britney en bikini mostrando mucha celulitis pero se ve que son falsas: http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb257/OSDIA/fake1.jpg

Sí, es cierto que tiene pero no tanta, es normal que Brit tenga ya que ha tenido dos hijos* pero las fotos parece que están trucadas.

*Dos hijos de los cuales no se sabe nada, pero tenerlos los ha tenido, lo que no se sabe és la última vez que ella los vió.


There are some pics of Britney in a bikini showing a lot of celulite but it seems that those are fake: http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb257/OSDIA/fake1.jpg

Yes, it's true that she's got some but not that much, it's a normal thing that she's got it because she had two kids* but those photos might be fake.

*Two kids about who nobody knows anything, but she got them, really, what we don't know is the last time she saw them.

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Anonymous said...

For age she has MUCH more cellulite than she "should have" its from knee up and then on her buttocks!! she may just be predisposed! she had it before children and she certainly worked out hard when she was touring and was in tip-top shape!!

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