09 June 2007

rumer willis has clearly got her parents' best genes

Rumer Willis ha claramente heredado los mejores genes de sus padres

Rumer es la hija mayor de Bruce Willis y Demi Moore, tiene 18 años, ya ha dejado el instituto y adivinen a qué se dedica? a ise de fiesta!

Su papi Bruce ha dicho que amenaza a los chicos que salen con sus hijas con que los matará si les pasa algo a sus niñas...
Yo creo que realmente Bruce no debería preocuparse tanto por eso porque, sinceramente, ésta chica tiene muchos pretendientes?


Rumer is the eldest daugther of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, she is 18, has dropped out of highschool and guess what she does now? go out and party!

Her daddy Bruce has said that he threatens the boys who date his daughters with killing them if something happens to his little girls....
Really I don't think Bruce has to worry too much about that because, really, does this girl get that many suitors?

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