15 July 2007

lindsay is a lesbian again

Lindsay vuelve a ser lesbiana

Esto es un mensaje que Li-Lo ha enviado a su dj Samantha Ronson por el myspace:

"Cariño, si no te tengo en mi vida entonces me puedo morir... Quiero casarme contigo y tener hijos contigo. Te quiero - (firmado) Lindsay Ronson."

Miren, me parece genial que Linds salga con quien quiera, sea chico o chica, pero ya que es una chica se la podria buscar algo más guapa, por no decir femenina!


This is a message that Li-Lo sent to her dj Samantha Ronson through her myspace:

"Babe, if I don't have you in my life then I should just go die. ... I want to marry you and have children with you. I love you. - (signed) Lindsay Ronson."

See, Linds can go out with whoever she wants to, either if it's a boy or a girl, there's no problem with that but couldn't she find someone more pretty or for instance, a little bit femenine?


Vicku said...

ayy noo... por dioosss... es muy linda... nop puede ser lesbiii

que mal =S

beso chee

Alexandre. said...

Estaria borracha xD o drogada

Anonymous said...

Hi!I'm a big fan of your blog!
Is that truth that 'Claire',that chick from Heroes, (I dont remember her name righ now) is dating the guy who plays her daddy?

adf said...

Habría que chequear que tan cierto es ese mensaje.

M. said...

it doesnt matter! aniwai.. yesss!of course her supposed love could be mux more beautiii! but love... is loveee!


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