10 July 2007

mandy knows ex-sex is the best sex

Mandy bien sabe que el sexo con los ex-novios es lo mejor

Mandy Moore con DJ AM de nuevo, ese que la queria de novia para que él cobrara más por pinchar al salir con una famosa.

A Mandy la teníamos por una chica lista pero...


Mandy again with DJ AM, the one who wanted her to gain more money to dj just to be with a famous girl.

We thought Mandy was a smart girl but...

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I LOVE YOUR FLOG and i'm loving this blog too!=)

So,I saw this video on youtube http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=UlkzgI_jNUg
and it's supposed to be Britney stoned.
Do you think thats really her?

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