12 September 2007


Paris Hilton's parents used to confiscate her mobile phone as punishmentwhen she misbehaved as a child.

The hotel heiress's mother Kathy has revealed she and husband Rick usedtheir daughter's phone obsession to discipline her.Kathy said: "When Paris disobeyed us, we would first confiscate her mobilephone - which was practically her life. Second time it would bedisconnected, for a month or so."

Mothers are mothers, annoying. Perhaps I was too strict with Paris. But shedrove me crazy for two years. We lived in a hotel then. In the evenings shewould lay a doll under her bedclothes and put on a wig to sneak out of thehouse. She was cheeky but never spoiled."

Kathy is still strict with Paris, even though she is now 26, and hasrevealed she still tells her off when she reads about bad things she hasbeen up to.Kathy added in an interview with Germany's Die Wielt newspaper: "I am verystrict. I call my daughter up and say, 'That is enough now, stop, I don'twant to hear any more. You better stay home.' Of course I worry. That is whyI nag just like all mothers. I am anything but an easy mother."

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