26 October 2007

nicole richie is funny

Nicole Richie está jugetona.

Como Nicole se aburre mucho en casa ya que no puede salir de fiesta pues se dedica a pinchar a su novio Joel mofándose de su pasado romance con Hilary Duff. Le pregunta cosas como si él se va a poner los dvds de 'Lizzie McGuire' o si va a escuchar sus albums de música.
Y qué le responde él? pues que se está pasando de la raya.

Pobre Nicole, ya no sabe como divertirse, una chica mala siempre lo será con bebé a bordo o no. Como su niño o niña o niño le salga luego fan de Hilary Nicole se morirá.


Nicole Richie is teasing.

As she's at home bored all day because she can't go out to party she teases his boyfriend Joel laughing about his past romance with Hilary Duff. She asks him things like if he's going to watch her 'Lizzie McGuire' dvds or play any oher music albums. And what does he reply to her? that she's being out of line.

Poor Nicole, she doesn't know how to have fun. A bad girl will always be mean with a baby on the oven or not. If the kid comes out being a Hilary fan she will die.

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