15 December 2007

lindsay is amazed how great shes doing too

Lindsay ha declarado recientemente:

"Creo que mi vida es diferente ahora, y ha cambiado, y estoy creciendo. Era el momento de crecer. He pasado por muchas cosas y simplemente soy ahora una persona diferente. Es genial que todo esté yendo tan bien."

No es genial que las cosas le vayan bien a Linds ahora, dados sus antecendentes, sino que es casi increíble.


Lindsay has declared this recently:

"I think my life is different now, and it's changed, and I'm growing up. It was time to grow up. I've gone through a lot, and I'm just a different person now. It's great, everything's going so well."

It's not great that things are going well to Linds as we really know how she has acted tehse last years, infact is totally unbelievable.

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