24 December 2007

lynn spears is a role mother (part3)

Jamie Spears, el padre no la embarazada, está furioso con su ex mujer Lynn y su hija menor de edad por vender la notícia del embarazo a una revista por una cifra multimillonaria ya que se niega a sacar provecho de sus hijos.

Pero a Lynn no le importó nada eso y Jamie, el padre, está devastado con la notícia y siente que Jamie-Lynn está arruinando su vida.

Bueno, la madre de Britney y Jamie-Lynn parece una mujer bastante dedicada. Si hay una desgracia en la família, porqué no sacarse un buen dinero por ello? eso es ser inteligente y el resto tonterías.


Jamie Spears, the father not the pregnant girl, is reportedly furious with his ex-wife Lynn and his underage daughter for selling her pregnancy news to a magazine for a multi-million dollar payouts.

Lynn didn't care about that but Jamie, the dad, put his foot down and refused to take any money and 'profit off of his children and he's devastated by the news and extremely depressed and feels Jamie Lynn ruined her life.

Well, Britney's and Jamie-Lynn's mom seems to be pretty focused. If there's a misfortune in the family why not take a benefit from that? that is to make sense and the rest is bullshit.

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