08 January 2008

paris is a great influence, poisons kelly-o

Paris, Kelly-O y Amy Winehouse de fiesta. Vaya tres...

Kelly ha dicho que su primera mala borrachera la pilló de fiesta con Paris y que encima cuando se enteró de esto Paris dijo riéndose:

"Fui yo? que guay!"

Bueno a ver aqui no hay que culpar a Paris de todo, qué se pensaba que haría saliendo con Paris, jugar a las barbies? en todo caso jugarían con los Kens.


Paris, Kelly-O and Amy Winehouse partying. What a threesome...

Kelly has said that her first case of alcohol poisoning was during a night out with Paris and that when she was told Paris was overheard laughing:

"I did?! That's hot!"

Well, we can't blame Paris for everything I mean, what did she think she would do going out with Paris? play to barbie dolls? in this case then it would be with Ken dolls instead.

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