23 February 2008

this is a tricky question#14

Quién es esta starlet de pequeñita??

Quien la acierte primero se lleva 1 punto para la lista de puntos de WeLovePaparazziSession.


Who's this starlet as a little girl??

Who guesses it right first wins 1 point for the WeLovePaparazziSession points list.

(pongan su nombre o nick por si aciertan y darles el punto y sobretodo! propongan a una starlet!)

(write your name or nick to give you the point if you guess right and very important! propose the name of a starlet!)


Herizo said...

Scarlet Johanson

Fiume said...

Natalie Portman

LuxLisbon said...

Hayden Panettiere

miss said...

es jessica simpson!!

emma said...

Natalie Portman

Anonymous said...

porr intentar...

Jamie Lynn¿¿


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