16 March 2008

lilo os doing the rght thing... for now! (part4)

Lilo no hace mucho tiempo...

Hace casi 6 meses que ella dejó rehab y ha dicho:

"Creo que eran situaciones en las que yo me metía. Me estaba poniendo en situaciones equivocadas y no estaba centrada en el sitio correcto. Lo he hecho, he cambiado cosas. Mi família siempre ha sido importante para mí and siempre me han apoyado. Me siento bendecida por tener una família tan maravillosa."

Bueno, más o menos no se la ha vuelto a ver con esa cara, ni ha tenido ningún accidente conduciendo borracha ni nada, así que muy bien por ella. Sus dos proyectos son un álbum de música y lanzar su propia línea de leggins! Bueno, eso no tiene nada que ver con su carrera en el cine pero mejor eso que nada.


Lilo not too many time ago...

It's been nearly six months since she left rehab and she has said:

"I think it was just situations that I was putting myself in. I was putting myself in the wrong situations and I didn't have the focus in the right place. I did – I changed things. My family has always been important to me, and they've always supported me. I'm blessed to have a really wonderful family."

Well, more or less she hasn't been spotted with that face or had any crash for driving drunk or anything like that so very good for her. Her two next projects are releasing a music album and her own line of leggins! Well, this has not to do with her career in cinema at all but it's better that than nothing.

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