17 May 2008

ashlee & pete will produce beautiful babies

Bueno la "gran" notícia de hoy esque se casan Ashlee y Pete en unas horas. Se dice porque está embarazada y quieren pasar por el altar antes de que se note. Aún no está confirmado lo del embarazo pero si es así esperemos que ese bebé no salga con la barbilla de Pete y la nariz verdadera de Ashlee. No creo que el mundo estuviera preparado para tanta hermosura.


Well, the "big" news today is that Ashlee and Pete are getting married in a few hours. It's been said that it's because she's pregnant and they want to walk down the aisle before it starts showing. The pregnancy news is not confirmed yet but if it is like that let's hope that the baby doesn't turn out having Pete's chin and Ashlee's real nose. I don't think the world is ready for so much cuteness.

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