20 September 2008

mischa is a good dresser

Mischa durante la semana de la moda de Londres, en dos ocasiones diferentes, enseñando por accidente un pecho, mostró uno y la noche siguiente lo volvió a mostrar.
No es la primera vez que le pasa esto, ya se le ha visto en otras dos ocasiones, ella vestirá muy bien, pero definitivamente Mischa no sabe como llevar la ropa.


Mischa during the London fashion week and in two different occasions accidentally showing one of her breasts, she flashed one and the following night she flashed it again.
It's not the first time that this happened to her, she has flashed her boobs in two other occassions, she must be a well dressed girl but Mischa definately doesn't know how to wear clothes on.

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Anonymous said...

fina, lo k se dice fina, no lo será nunca...

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