13 November 2008

jess simpson has good taste in men

Jess Simpson con su ex-novio el cantante John Mayer, el cual ahora sale con Jennifer Aniston. Pink ha dicho que él es el famoso que más odia por esto:

"Tuve una discusión con él. No me lo creo a él tanto como él se cree de si mismo. Él dijo algo como, 'Sólo me follo a mujeres muy tontas'. Y le dije, 'Sí, supongo que lo deben ser'. No me lo banco para nada."

Todo un caballero este hombre, Pink tiene razón al decir que las que están con él deben ser tontas y la pobre Jess, supongo que estaba enamorada...


Jess Simpson with her ex boyfriend, singer John Mayer, who's now dating Jennifer Aniston. Pink has said that he's the celebrity she hates the most after this:

"I got into an argument with him. I don't believe him as much as he believes him. He said something along the lines of, 'I only shag really stupid women.' And I said, 'I guess they would have to be.' I don't get him at all."

Such a gentleman he is, Pink is right when she says that the ones who have been with him must be dumb, and poor Jess, well I guess she was in love..

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emma said...

este ya no sale con jennifer aniston

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