26 November 2008

kristen is pulling a mischa

Kristen Stewart es la chica del momento ya que sale en el filme 'Twilight' del que todo el mundo habla, tiene 18 años y pudieron verla en films como 'Jumper' o 'La habitación del pánico'. Y aqui pueden verla con una pipa de fumar fuera de su casa fumando quién sabe qué, podria ser sólo tabaco, en realidad esas pipas se usan para fumar hierba, pero para evitar malentendidos o escándalos, que se fume lo que sea en la intimidad de su casa.


Kristen Stewart is the it girl now as she stars on 'Twilight' the film everyone is talking about, she's 18 and you can see her in movies like 'Jumper' or 'Panic Room'. And here you can see her out of her house with a pipe smoking who-knows-what, it could be just tobacco, in reality those pipes are used to smoke weed, but to avoid misunderstandings or scandals, better smoke whatever that is in her own house.

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tasteslikevogue said...

wll i think everyone is free to smoke whatever they want s0... and what if she is smoking grass? it tastes great and you get really relaxed.. anyway, she'd know what's good and what's bad for her but..people love to talk u know.. great blog man!!

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