28 January 2009

lily is not the new britney... yet

Lily ha hablado sobre Britney:

"Amo a Britney y pienso que es brillante. Pero puedo ver totalmente como se vino abajo de la forma que hizo con esa cosa de raparse la cabeza. Si fueses joven, tuvieses todo ese dinero, y la gente te tratara de esa manera, sí vas a volverte loca! Lo que me mantiene sana es la terapia y los libros. Es la verdad."

Lily era la candidata a ser la Britney inglesa, pero se cuida de que eso no pase, recuerdan cuando llevaba el pelo rosa y empezó a festejar sin parar? Pues ahora lo hace igual pero en morena, algo es algo.


Lily has talked about Britney:
"I love Britney and I think she's brilliant. But I can totally see what she went down the route she did with the whole hair-shaving thing. If you were young, had that much money, and people treated you like that, yeah you're gonna go crazy! What keeps me sane are therapy and books. It's the truth."

Lily was the perfect candidate to become Britney's British version but she's taking care that that doesn't happen, remember when she had pink hair and partied non-stop? well she's like that now but as a brunette, that's something.

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