31 March 2009

Rihanna mostrando su nuevo tatuaje. Contrariamente a lo que se pensaba, Rihanna está cooperando con la policía tras haber sido atacada por su ex-novio Chris Brown. Y menos mal, ahora se la ve contenta saliendo de fiesta con sus amigas y es bueno saber que piensa que lo que le hizo Chris está mal.


Rihanna showing her new tattoo. Contrary to what was believed, Rihanna is cooperating with police officers after being hit by her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. And thank god because she's now happier, going out with her girlfriends and it's good to know that she thinks that what Chris did to her was wrong.


Ares said...

bang bang, he shot me down, bang bang, i hit the ground ...

Isamar said...

Es bueno saber que ahora está armada. XD

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