03 May 2009

lilo's indecent proposal to sam might work

Como Sam ha aumentado lo que cobra por pinchar desde que se supo que salía con Lindsay, Linds quiere un tanto por ciento de sus ganancias durante los próximos años, no sé si exigirle esto será la mejor manera para que Sam quiera volver con ella, que és después de todo lo que Lindsay quiere, pero puede que con tal de ahorrarse tener que pagarle Samantha vuelva con Lilo asi que tal vez funcione.


As Sam gets paid more money for DJing ever since it was known that she was dating Lindsay, Linds wants a per cent of her gainings for the next couple of years, I don't know if getting her to pay it's the best way for Sam wanting to get back with her, which is what Lindsay really wants after all, but maybe Samantha in order to not pay goes back with Lilo, so maybe this is going to work out fine.

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