31 May 2009

harlow might be not the only madden girl

Nicole acudió a un programa de televisión con su padre Lionel Richie e incluso la pequeña Harlow! Hablaron de cuando ella estuvo en rehab hace años, y ha dicho que no sabe aún si tendrá un nene o una nena! Nicole quiere descubrirlo cuando de a luz asi que los rumores de que iba a tener un nene no son ciertos, aqui pueden ver dos videos, Harlow sale adorable!:

Nicole was in a television program with her dad Lionel Richie and even with little Harlow! They talked about when she was in rebah years ago and she has said that she doesn't know if she's going to have a baby boy or a girl yet! Nicole wants to find out when she gives birth so the rumours of her having a boy were not true, here you can see the videos, Harlow is a cutie!:

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