27 June 2009

mischa is healthy

Mischa volviendo a casa tras salir de fiesta, se le nota que es una chica sana y que no tomó nada. Su próximo papel en una serie será el de interpretar a una modelo... no creo que se pueda decir nada más.


Mischa returning home after partying, you can tell she's a healthy girl and didn't drink anything. Her next role in a tv show is playing a model... I don't think I can't comment anything else about this.


Anonymous said...

what a big deal! she just went to a party, who says that a celeb cant go to a party?? jezz

Penny Lane said...

que horror!" con lo que a mi me gusta esta chica y parece minimo un payaso terrorifico....! :S

PL ♥

Anonymous said...

a kien va a interpretar, a kate moss???? xDDDDDD

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