20 July 2009

jamie-lynn still has her k-fed

Aunque hay rumores de que Jamie-Lynn y Casey, su prometido y padre de su nena, han roto, no son ciertos!

Se les ha podido ver juntos con la pequeña Maddie el fin de semana pasado y aunque Jamie-Lynn ha decidido que no está preparada para casarse, Casey y ella siguen juntos.

Debe ser difícil que ellos dos ahora tengan que llevar una vida adulta pero al menos lo hacen juntos, esperemos que hayan aprendido y no se vuelva a quedar ella embarazada sin quererlo en breve, aunque nunca se sabe...


Even though there are rumours that Jamie-Lynn and Casey, her fiancée and babydaddy, have broken up, these are not true!

They have been spotted with with little Maddie last weekend and even though she has decided that she wasn't ready to get married, Casey and her still together.

It must be hard for them to lead an adult life now but at least they they do it together, let's hope they have learnt from it and doesn't get pregnant without wanting it again, though you never know...

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