03 August 2009

nicole is behaving like a good friend

Parece ser que Mischa está teniendo un gran apoyo en su antes buena amiga Nicole, y la está ayudando a llevar una vida más sana, incluso le ha prohibido el tabaco! Nicole sabe lo que es dejar esa vida completamente detrás asi que esperemos que Mischa logre hacerlo también.


It seems that Mischa is having a great support from her then good friend Nicole and she's helping her to have a healthier lifestyle , she has even banned her from cigarettes! Nicole knows what it means to leave all that life behind so let's hope that Mischa gets to do it too.

1 comment:

gigix kiddo said...

tan guapas!
one is so much biger than the other!
beauty in diferent sizes!
hope micha gets better!
nicole is doing so well!

I have a blog about fashion now, it´s in portuguese, but hope you like it.
I will recommend you there!
Love your blog!

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