24 September 2009

blind item#5 - emma roberts wont drink booze in her life..

Emma Roberts con Natalie. Aqui hay otro blind item:

Este intenso medio popular actor de cine y algunas veces de televisión se toma ser padre muy seriamente. Él conoce la reputación de los bares y clubs de Hollywood que sirven a celebrities menores de edad. Así que para asegurarse de que su hija actriz no bebe, él llama antes a donde quiera que ella vaya y se asegura de que se las verán con él si le sirven alcohol.

Este blind item ha sido revelado y se trata del actor Eric Roberts y de su hija Emma! De hecho Eric se conoce por ser un tipo duro y de momento su hija no ha causado ningún drama, es una buena táctica, si Michael Lohan hubiera hecho lo mismo...


Emma Roberts with Natalie. Here's another blind item:

This intense B list movie and sometime television actor takes parenting very seriously. He knows the reputation of bars and clubs in Hollywood to serve underage celebrities. So, to make sure his actress daughter doesn't drink he calls ahead to wherever she is going and makes sure they know they will be in for a world of hurt if they serve her booze.

This blind item has been revealed as it's about Eric Roberts and his daugther Emma! In fact, Eric is known for being a tough guy and Emma has not caused any drama yet, it's a good tactic, if only Michael Lohan had done the same...

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u used to post a lof ot news each day, what happened?

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