12 October 2009

nicole proposes to her madden

Siempre ha habido rumores sobre un posible compromiso entre Nicole y Joel, ellos ya tienen dos hijos y tampoco importa mucho que estén casados o no pero ahora se dice que Nicole está tan contenta con su pequeña família que ella misma le ha pedido a Joel que se case con ella y Joel por supuesto ha dicho sí! Probablemente sea un rumor más pero sería tan bonito si pasara.


There has always been rumours about a possible engagement between Nicole and Joel, they have already two kids together and it doesn't matter that much if they're married or not but now it's said that Nicole is so happy with their little family that she has proposed marriage to Joel and he has of course saud yes! It's probably going to be another rumour but it would be so beautiful if it happened.

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