28 October 2009

nicole wishes lilo well (well away from her)

Nicole sigue haciéndole vacío social a Lindsay! La semana pasada salió con Joel y Samantha a un club y Lilo no estuvo nada contenta por ello!

Al parecer Nicole ha dejado claro a todos sus amigos comunes que espera que Lindsay se recomponga y que cambie su actitud pero hasta que cambie Nicole la evita. Y Lilo cada vez que Sam sale con ella se pone furiosa! Incluso una de las muchas veces que Sam dejó a Linds fue tras hablar con Nicole! Un poco metida Nic es pero ignorando a Lilo no la ayuda, igual Lindsay no hace caso a nadie así que para qué malgastar tiempo...


Nicole is socially keeping Lindsay apart! Last week she went out with Joel and Samantha to a club and Lilo was not happy about it!

Apparently Nicole has made it very clear to their mutual friends that she hopes Lindsay will get it together and change her behavior, but until she makes a change, Nicole avoids her. And Lilo everytime that Sam goes out with her she goes ballistic! Even once of the many times that Sam dumped Linds was after talking to Nicole! Nic is a bit minding noone's business but she's not helping Lilo by ignoring her though she doesn't listen to anyone so why waste any time...

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