04 October 2009

JT is a great boyfriend(part2)

A pesar de los muchos rumores que dicen que Justin y Jess Biel han roto, la pareja sigue junta y fue vista cenando la pasada semana, ya ha habido muchos rumores de infidelidad de Justin a Jessica e incluso últimamente se dice que él se está viendo con Rihanna, y aunque la pareja sigue, si siempre ha habido tantos rumores de que Justin la engaña será por algo...


Even though there are many rumors that say that Justin and Jess Biel are over, they were spotted having dinner together last week, there had already been many rumours of Justin cheating on Jessica, and lately it's been said that he's seeing Rihanna, and even though the couple still together, if there are so many rumors of Justin cheating then it must be because of something...

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