18 March 2010

there are a lot of kardashians

La respuesta a la pregunta con truco de ayer es... las Kardashians!
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Aqui tienen a Kourtney, Kylie, Kim y Kendall, y aún falta la otra hermana Khloe. Las de ayer eran Kylie de 12 años y Kendall de 14 años, se apellidan Jenner porque son hijas del segundo matrimonio de la madre, y todas empiezan por la K! Ya ven que habrá Kardashians para rato!


The answer to yesterday's tricky question is... the Kardashians!
1 point for: /gretitha_moxxa

Here you have Kourtney, Kylie, Kim and Kendall, and there's Khloe the other sister missing. Yesterday's girls were 12-year-old Kylie and 14-year-old Kendall, their surname is Jenner because they're from their mother's second marriage but all of them start their name with the K! As you see there will be a lot of Kardashians for a long time!

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