07 November 2010

jess alba is photogenic

Esta es una tomada del móvil de Jessica Alba, han salido fotos privadas de su celular a internet y ella aparece mostrando su barriga y sus pechos después de dar a luz, incluso hay una de ella y su marido Cash en la cama, así que si Jess planeaba no desnudarse en ninguna peli ahora da igual porque todo el que quiera podrá verla desnuda, fotos aqui.

Parece mentira que Jessica se haga ese tipo de fotos sabiendo como han salido fotos privadas de muchas otras famosas, en fin...


This is a pic taken with Jessica Alba's mobile phone, pics of her cellphone have surfaced on the itnernet and on them she appears showing her tummy and her breasts after giving brith, there's even one of her and her husband Cash on bed so if Jess planned not to appear nude on any movie that doesn't matter now because anyone who wants to see her naked can do it now, pics here.

One can't understand how Jessica took those pictures knowing how private pics of other celebs' have been leaked before, but well...

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