15 November 2010

jess simpson attemps to get married once again

Jessica Simpson se ha comprometido!

Ella y su novio Eric Johnson se han comprometido a pesar de sólo llevar saliendo apenas 6 meses! Y encima el ex-marido de Jess, Nick Lachey anunció primero su compromiso así que ya se dice que se han comprometido también para que Jess no esté triste aunque ellos ya lo han desmentido...

Pobre Jess, con la mala suerte que tiene en el amor, quién sabe si realmente llegará a casarse esta vez.


Jessica Simpson is engaged!

She and her boyfriend Eric Johnson have just gotten engaged even though they have barely dated for six months! And her ex-husband Nick Lachey has recently got engaged before her so it's already been said that they got engaged too because Jess was sad though they're denying it...

Poor Jess, she has such a bad luck in love that who knows if she will actually get married this time.

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