04 November 2010

tay swift has a new victim

Aunque no lo parezca ya que la foto es mala, estos son Taylor Swift y Jake Gyllenhaal en una cita! Al parecer, ellos están saliendo ya que se les ha visto últimamente pasando tiempo juntos y aunque sólo exista esa foto, parece que los rumores son verdad!

Pobre Jake, sabrá que si la trata mal ella le escribirá una canción y no precisamente de amor?


Even though it doesn't look like so because the pic is not good, these are Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal on a date! Apparently, they are dating and have been spotted a lot of times spending time together thought there's only this pic, it seems that the rumours are true!

Poor Jake, does he know that if he treats her badly she will write a song for him and not precisely a love song?

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