09 February 2011

ashlee simpson-wentz doesn't want to be a wentz anymore

Ashlee Simspon ha presentado los papeles de divorcio a Pete Wentz!

Al parecer todo es debido a la conducta imprevisible y variable de Pete y por ello Ashlee quiere terminar el matrimonio. Ellos dos se casaron en el 2008 y su hijo Bronx tiene 2 años.

Vaya, parecían una familia estable, a ver si ahora no empiezan a salir terceras personas ya que sería muy triste teniendo un hijo en común...


Ashlee Simpson has filed for divorce from Pete Wentz!

Apparently, it's all because of Pete's erratic behavior and that's why Ashlee wants to end their marriage. They married in 2008 and their son Bronx is 2-years-old.

Wow, they really looked like a stable family, let's see if now there is no third person involved because it would be too sad as they have a child together...

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