06 October 2007

lindsay exits rehab, doesnt enter bar... yet

Al final Linds ha decidido dejar rehab y ya está en L.A. con su padre para intentar comenzar una nueva vida sin alcohol ni drogas.

Esperemos que le vaya bien esta vez ya que las dos veces anteriores LiLo celebró el salir de rehab yendo de fiesta, y 9 cada 10 expertos dicen que eso no es lo mejor para recuperarse, el otro experto que queda es el que sale de fiesta con Linds


Finally Linds has decided to check out of rehab along with her dad after being there since June 24, to try to start a new life without alcohol and drugs.

Let's hope that this time she does fine because the two previous times she left rehab she went out to party to celebrate it and 9 out of 10 experts say that that's not a good sign, the one left is the one who goes out to party with Linds.

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