02 August 2008

sienna's vagina will be opening back soon

Sienna con su novio Balthazar Getty. Parece ser que él, a pesar de seguir con Sienna, está intentando volver cun su mujer, recuerden que está casado y tiene 4 hijos, asi que parece ser que ya se ha aburrido de Sienna... Asi que pobres de las mujeres del mundo ya que Sienna volverá a estar soltera y a ella le da igual liarse con quien sea, esté ocupado o no, viva el amor libre!


Sienna with her boyfriend Balthazar Getty. It seems that, despite being with Sienna, he's trying to get back with his wife, remember that he's married and has 4 kids, so it seems that he has got bored of Sienna... So poor women of the world because Sienna will be single again and she doesn't care and get's involved with anyone, it doesn't matter if he's taken or not, let's celebrate free love!

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